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Harry Potter and the Year he thought it was Snape but it was Quirrel
Harry Potter and the Year he thought it was Draco but it was Ginny
Harry Potter and the Year he thought it was was Sirius but it was Wormtail
Harry Potter and the Year he thought it was Karkaroff but it was Moody/Crouch Jr
Harry Potter and the Year everyone knew it was  Umbridge
Harry Potter and the year it actually did turn out to be Snape
Harry Potter and the Year it turned out to be Harry all along

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Where was MY right to decide what to do with my body? It wasn’t in the room where my parents paid a doctor to cut the skin off my penis when I was a mere minutes old!!

I bet your clit and vulva are still intact.

Tell me again how oppressed you are by this patriarchy?

Dear thewhoviantheatregeek

Please do not belittle female circumcision by comparing it to male circumcision.

Male circumcision is not done to oppress men or destroy their sexuality but for either religious or health reasons. Removing the foreskin does not prevent sex, or damage the penis. You were not genetically mutilated.

Female circumcision involves removing the clitoris, or the vulva, sometimes it involves cutting the inside of the vagina and sowing it shut so that it heals over. Sometimes all of the above. It is oppressive, it is always painful and often fatal, and is still practised in many countries around the world with the goal of oppressing women under extreme patriarchal regimes.

Emma Watson may not suffer from those regimes directly in the way you’re referring to, but she spoke very frankly about how she has had a very privileged life. She is using that privilege to stand up for those who are not as fortunate. 

Tell me again how you are helping by making it about you?

People like this are honestly so awful lmao.

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